Graduate School USA Medical & Health Incident Management System Presentation

Read the following assignment very CAREFULLY and pay attention to the requirements.

“MaHIM appears complicated but it mirrors the standard ICS matrix in terms of its design. There are five sectors: Command, Operations, Logistics, Planning and Admin/Finance. However, the system is not actually a roadmap for assigning persons to perform tasks. Rather, it is a map whose purpose is to remind an incident manager of all the tasks which much be accomplished during a complex health emergency and it groups those tasks into functional sectors.

Assignment: Read both MaHIM and the Public Health ICS document. Create between 10-15 Powerpoint slides discussing: (1) the difference between MaHIM and the public health ICS, (2) the major functional subgroups contained within the sector of your choosing, (3) critical actions for the first 24 hours of an incident from the public health perspective, choosing from: category 5 hurricane in Miami, NYC subway terrorist bombing, large earthquake in urban center in northern California, massive explosion at a chemical factory, or Y. pestis (plague) outbreak in Washington DC. Remember to describe your answer in terms of public health emergencies, not fire-rescue incident types.”

***APA style

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