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HA499 Unit 8 Discussion

Topic: Today’s Job Market: Job Descriptions and What Employers WantBefore you begin this discussion, review the presentation: Today’s Job Market: Job Descriptions and What Employers Want  https://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/global/CareerServices/GENERIC-TodaysJobMarket-JobDescriptionsandWhatEmployersWant.mp4Spend time in the Discussion Board to talk about your experience and observations of today’s job market and what employers are looking for with their applicants.As you begin to apply for positions, describe how you plan to obtain letters of what employers want and relating your skills to the job description. What are marketable skills for health care? How would you go about getting health care experience for your resume? What other strategies can you use to stand out in today’s job market? Cite and reference your resources.On two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Joel Sunda and Courtney RollinsJoel SundaI know many job require previous experience or certification and I will start by seeking out part time jobs or volunteer experience to gain experience and research. A job descriptions will provide clue in what I need to put in my resume so I will pay attentions to employers skills and I will directly put this skills on my resume so the employer can easily identify by how I qualify for the position that I applied. I will make resume that match the employer job description. Marketable skill for health care is transferable skills like business knowledge, computer skills, or management knowledge. Getting experience for healthcare is by doing volunteer work, internship, externship or part time job. I will list my degree that I have from Purdue Global University as relevant coursework so that the employer will know that I have college level knowledge of the industry. Professionalism is also main quality that I should possess as a candidate, it means that employer will have confident in my ability, it show that I am reliable, it can expand my network, and improve my chance for training and promotion.References:extmedia.purdueedu/global/CareerServices/GENERIC-TodaysJobMarket-JobDescriptionsandWhatEmployersWant.mp4.Courtney RollinsUnfortunately, I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to today’s job market. I would think employers are looking for innovative, professional, and knowledgeable applicants. Qualities that employers’ value are communication skills, analytical skills, computer literacy, interpersonal skills, and flexibility (Educba, 2019). Employers want to select candidates that do not require a lot of guidance and are self-sufficient when it comes to doing their job. If I were to apply for job positions, I would obtain verification letters of past employment that contain my skills relating to the job description. Marketable skills for the healthcare industry are analytical skills, communication skills, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, and coordination (American Intercontinental University, 2019). I currently work in a hospital so there are several ways I can go about getting healthcare experience for a resume. Some of the options I have available are becoming a basic life support (BLS) instructor, obtaining certifications for some of the healthcare programs at my facility, and shadowing healthcare managers. Strategies to stand out in today’s job market involve volunteer work, having a professional online image on social media, building good leadership qualities, staying up to date on job market trends, and joining professional organizations (Cole, 2018).References:American Intercontinental University. (2019). 10 skills employers are looking for in healthcare management jobs. Retrieved fromhttps://www.aiuniv.edu/degrees/healthcare/articles/10-top-skills-for-healthcare-management-jobsCole, B. (2018). 10 ways to stand out in a very competitive job market. Retrieved fromhttps://www.forbes.com/sites/biancamillercole/2018/12/05/10-ways-to-stand-out-in-a-very-competitive-job-market/#798c7bd9d7a2Educba. (2019). 13 effective qualities employers are looking for. Retrieved fromhttps://www.educba.com/what-do-employers-look-for-in-job-applicants/

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