health Policy and Management’s assignment

Select a specific organization (nonprofit or healthcare). Assume that you are a department manager within this organization, and answer the following questions:1. Write a mission statement for the organization, concise yet appropriately descriptive of why the organization exists.2. Consistent with the organization’s mission as expressed in this mission statement, develop a statement of philosophy for your department.3. Write one major policy that supports this philosophy.4. Write two or three specific procedures that express aspects of the policy from Question 3 as instructions for action (keeping in mind that a policy is ordinarily a statement of what is to be done, and a procedure consists of how it should be done).(Adapted from Management Principles for Health Professionals, 6th edition, by Joan Gratto Liebler & Charles R. McConnell)Word count may exceed 500 words, but cannot be less than 400 words.

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