HEET diseases

Hello. Please I need to do a PowerPoint project. Should be no less than 30 slides without counting the presentation and references, with illustrations, and with the specifications required by the institution. It should be on Friday 08/26/2022. APA format is required for this written assignment. This is a safe-assign homework, no more than 20% of similarities are permitted.Child HEENT diseasesCroupOtitis acute and chronicInfectious mononucleosisConjunctivitisRefraction problemsMastoiditisRhinitisSinusitisPharyngitisThe presentation should includeeach disease: (Croup, Otitis acute, and chronic, Infectious mononucleosis, Conjunctivitis, Refraction problems, Mastoiditis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Pharyngitis)1. Definition2. Clinical presentation3. Signs and Symptoms4. Lab and examens to diagnose the disease5. Treatment (Specify doses and time)Thank you

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