Hospitality management discussion

Purpose: Chapter 4 discusses forecasting supply and demand of a company’s employees (human resources).Scheduling is always a consideration when forecasting supply and demand.The purpose of this assignment is to discuss a hospitality organization’s perspective on flexible work hours or compressed work week schedules.

Skills:As a result of completing this assignment, you will learn to collaborate effectively with others to share information.You will practice written communication and responding to peer’s in a professional manner.

Knowledge:Students will gain knowledge of issues with scheduling employees fairly while covering the organization’s need.

Task: In order to complete this assignment you will execute the following.

  • Answer the following questions:What are the drawbacks to using flexible work hours or compressed work-weeks from a hospitality organization’s perspective? How should the HR department deal with these challenges?
  • Answer should be 400-500 words.
  • Post your original comment to the discussion questions with your last name in the title of the discussion posting.
  • Post your original answers to the questions by Wednesday at 10:00 pm.
  • The participation part of this week is each student must then post a comment to at least two other student’s postings by Friday night by 10:00 pm. Five peers have been automatically assigned to you.You must respond to at least 2 or then – you can respond to all 5!!
  • Your response should include a discussion of what different department in the hospitality industry could use flex scheduling.
    • Prepare a response of a minimum of 100-150 words to at least two peers.
    • Provide at least one reference other than the textbook to support your answers. Be sure to put the reference information in your posting using APA formatting.

Criteria for Success: A successful assignment will have the following characteristics:

  • You are required to respond to at least 2 fellow classmates this week.
  • A critical evaluation of the peer postings you are responding to.
    • You add information to the postings you respond to.
    • Posting your agreement is not adding to the discussion.
  • You cite one additional reference to support your response to the discussion questions and peer responses.The textbook is not an additional reference.
  • Sources will be cited the end of your discussion using APA format. Articles, podcasts, or videos may not be older than 2012.
  • Students do not begin reading the answers until after Wednesday at 10 pm – so you have the opportunity to read all postings.No response postings before 6 am Thurday.
  • Notes to posting on the discussion board:
    • You may use a word processor to complete the discussion before posting in Learn.Then copy and paste the information into the discussion board.
    • Do not attach the file to the discussion area.
    • It is nearly impossible for the class members and for me to keep up with reading each posting if we have to download attached files.
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and professional language are used.
  • Late assignments are not accepted.
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