HRM 326

Please analyze the current trends in the training and development realm. Conclude how training needs assessment, measurement and tailored learning solutions will be impacted. Include recommendations for either a large, medium or small corporation (select one).Write a paper of 700 to 1050 words that answers the following questions:What are the current trends in the training and development realm? Analyze three to five treads. Describe each tread in a short (three to five sentences) paragraph.Discuss how training needs assessment; measurement and tailored   learning solutions will be impacted by your selected trends.Select one of   the following:Large size corporationMedium size corporationSmall size corporationMake recommendations for your selected size corporation. Focus on how your selected corporation should respond to the trends.Include an opening and a closing paragraph.Incorporate 3 to 5 references for all college level assignments. Only references cited within the paper can be included on the reference page.Format your paper consistent with APA guideline.

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