hrm 587

i need this in two hours-1 and half pagesBelow are sample papers and references in the links providedHRM587Part 5 – Annotated Bibliography (Due Week 7)List of all of your references you used in the project to date (you should have at least 12 at this point) and create an annotated bibliography. Basically, for this assignment, you will use your reference list, in alphabetical order, and provide a 2-4 sentence summary (brief!!) of what that reference said. This is a summary style document! Your grade will be based on your ability to BRIEFLY summarize the important points in the document as well as the strength of your reference materials. (i.e. if you used mainly low-level reference documents like encyclopedias, online dictionaries, anonymous articles, etc. this will negatively impact your grade.)A. Use of at least 12 references, properly annotated: 24 points (roughly 2 points each)B. Strength of references overall: 6 points (roughly .5 points each.)C. Use of one of the 5 Keller-approved citation methodsGrading RubricPoints per item:Total points possible:Use of 12 references (at least)112Brief summary (2-4 sentences tops!)112Strength of references.56Proper use of one of the 5 Keller-approved citation methodsNot applicable5Total Points

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