Questions & Risk management Strategy paper listed below.#1 List five employer responsibilities and five employee rights. Explain how both are a necessary component in a risk management strategy.#2 How does your current employer differentiate between legal liabilities, ethical liabilities, and industry standards (which may be neither legal nor ethical)? Provide at least two examples of each. Do you agree with these practices? Why or why not?#3 In your review of Chapter 4 of Human Resource Management, you will read about major discrimination laws.  Choose one, and describe the law, focusing on the protections for the employee, as well as how the employer can reduce the risk of discrimination.Risk management StrategyCreate a PowerPoint® presentation of 9–10 slides outlining a socially responsible risk management strategy for a company with which you are familiar. Be sure to include speaker notes.Summarize the following:·         Goals of risk management·         Identification applicable risk factors·         Strategies for managing each risk factor·         Plan for continued monitoring and adjustment·         Social implications and responsibilities

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