HS2500 Health and Human Services

Follow the Three-Step Plan and Student Checklist to participate fully in the discussion forum.Step 1:  Read the Week 5 Discussion Overview BelowTanya just took a position as a life skills trainer at Goodwill Industries. Many of the clients she works with are pregnant teenagers. Some teenagers have 3 or more children, have not completed their GED or high school diploma, and are unemployed. Also, some of the teenagers have been victims of domestic violence.Step 2:  Create a New Thread for Your Initial Post by Tuesday at 11:59pm ESTRespond to the following prompts in your initial post:What types of services would these clients benefit from to become more self-sufficient and take better control of their reproductive health?How could Tanya help the teenagers recover who have been victims of domestic violence?How could Tanya assist the teenagers who are struggling with completing their GED or finishing high school?

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