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HS410: Organization and Management for Healthcare

Health care providers, managers, and administrators are faced with a variety of ethical issues. These issues range from right to life and abortion to right to die and physician-assisted suicide. For this Assignment you will write an APA style paper addressing common ethical issues found in health care. Your paper should clearly identify a minimum of three ethical issues. Using the ethical decision making process located in Chapter 4 analyze each of the ethical issues you have identified.Requirements:3–5 pages in length (not including cover and reference pages)A minimum of three outside resources (one of these resources can be your textbook)Your paper should be formatted according to APA, include a proper introduction, appropriate headings, and conclusion.·     Click on the button below for a brief review on Ethical Decision Making ProcessEthical Decision Making Processhttp://extmedia.kaplan.edu/healthSci/HS410/HS410_1405C/Media/StepsEthicalDecisionMaking/interaction.htmlNeeds to be 3-5 pages or more in length not including title and reference page with APA formatting, a minimum of 3 out side sources, in text citations, and references. Due on Tuesday April 7, 2015

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