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HSM450 #2 Crititcal

Review the following case study that focuses on a shelter organization for unprotected children and young females:Sandro, S. (2015, May). The non-sharing of organizational culture: A case study examining the management perspective. Asian Social Science, 11(10), 221-230.Write a 2-to-3-page paper that discusses the importance of organizational culture and the influence of stakeholders on the overall management of this shelter organization. When considering organizational culture, address these points as a guide:Explain the main issue(s) covered in the case study.Were the stakeholders involved in the mission and vision that feeds into the organizational culture? If so, how?How was the problem(s) identified, and was the process effective?Who was involved in assessing and adjusting the organizational culture?What were the overall results? Was the organization successful in correcting its culture?Your 2-to-3-page paper must support your claims by utilizing at least two references

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