hum115 powrpoint

Create a 6- to 8 slides Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:What is critical thinking?Identify two barriers that influence your critical thinking.How will you overcome those barriersIdentify three lessons that you learned about critical thinking from this course.Describe each lesson and explain why they are meaningful to you.What is your current stage of critical thinking?How do you plan to move from your current stage of development in critical thinking to the stage of a master thinker?Include references on Reference Page (Reference Page is not considered part of the 6 – 8 slides)Title Assignment: Critical Thinking PresentationSubmit to the assignment tab.Print two copies with speakers notes view and bring to class.Be prepared to present your presentation in class (must present in class to receive full credit).Note: Presentation presented in  class and copy presented to Instructor must match presentation posted to assignment tab. If the presentation is diferent from what has been posted to the assignment tab and Instructors copy received in class, you will receive an automatic zero.

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