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Human Resource Management Help

You are the head of a large department in an organization that has recently been acquired by another in which there are a significant number of foreign employees; many of whom have poor business English skills. Consequently employee communications are becoming strained and mistakes are being made. Additionally, the supervisors in your department are becoming increasingly frustrated by the expectations of upper management at Head Office who seem out of touch and disinterested in the way you have done things in the past. Upper management is insisting that the policies and processes of the acquiring company are used. You are concerned that your employees are not familiar with these processes and don’t have the resources necessary to comply with them. Last, but not least, your supervisors have become aware of some differences in compensation and benefits between employees. Those who worked for your original company, on average, are paid 5% less, get one week less vacation time and a lower retirement contribution match than those in the acquiring company.Identify the diversity and compensation issues inherent in this scenario. Discuss with examples of some challenges that might arise in rectifying this situation and explain how would you could work with the HR department to overcome them. Support your answer with evidence from the text and at least one external source.

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