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Interview a mother about infant feeding during the first six months (breastfeeding or formula feeding)

1.  Why she made the decision to breastfeed or formula feed?2.  What challenges [if any] has she faced in feeding her baby?3.  Has she received any criticism or unwanted advice from people about the feeding method she chose?4.  What are her feelings about breastfeeding or formula feeding?5.  How old are you now? How old were you when your child was born?6.  What was your life like just before you (or the mother of your child) became pregnant?7.  What did you think being a parent was going to be like? Were you right?8.  What is your life like now? How has it changed since you have become a parent?9.  How did your family and friends react to your having a baby?10.  How has your relationship with the (father/mother) of your child changed from before your baby was born?11.  What has been the best part of being a parent?12.  What has been the hardest part of being a parent?13.  What or who has been most helpful to you in your adjustment to parenthood? Why?Personal information and reflections of the interviewer1.  Who is the person you interviewed, and how do you know them? (You do not need to tell me their name, say, for example, “my cousin, high school friend, a neighbor, a family friend”, etc.)2.  What was most surprising to you about the person whom you interviewed?3.  Do you agree with this person’s current view of infant feeding & parenthood? Why or why not? Explain your answers.3 pages 12 font double space

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