Intraprenuer vs. Entreprenuer

Entrepreneurship is concerned with starting a new business; intrapreneurship is concerned with starting something new, like a new product or service, in an existing, established business.  Both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are important to the global market.  The role of an Entrepreneur is not so different from the Intrapreneur but many differences exist relating to the environment they operate in and the approach they take.  The catastrophic advance in the information and communication technologies in the last few decades and the new globalized world economy as a result, caused the enterprises compulsorily get much closer to the customers, respond more quickly to their needs, and dynamically adapt to internal and external environmental circumstances.The AssignmentReview the below YouTube videos and provide a summary incorporating the below key points when providing an answer to the question: Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneur: Which one is right for you?  Make sure you defend your choice in your summary.InnovationResourcesRiskRewardGlobal Business OpportunitiesWatch VideoINTRAPRENEUR VS ENTREPRENEUR: WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?Duration: 9:36User: n/a – Added: 7/16/19Direct link: in a new window)Watch VideoDifference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurshipDuration: 9:13User: n/a – Added: 5/21/17Direct link: in a new window)Watch VideoEntrepreneur vs Intrapreneur – Being Entrepreneurial with No Risk? – Manc Entrepreneur – Episode 061Duration: 8:47User: n/a – Added: 2/8/17Direct Link: in a new window)Grading CriteriaName and DateOne page (minimum 100 word count)Double SpacedSize 12 Font – Arial, Courier New, Times New RomansIdentify which videos you used as a resource for your paperResources – Above videos or any videos on the Internet related to Entrepreneurship and Intraprenuership

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