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Job Skills

Task A:

Answer the following questions in detail: You are required to consult at least two reliable secondary sources to discuss these points in Task A.

1. Popularity of E-mail in comparison with other forms of written communication (at least 5 reasons)

2. Give suggestions to make your e-mail worth reading (at least 7 suggestions)

Task B:

Answer the following Questions:

a. Read the email given below carefully and identify any 5 mistakes made in the same.

b. Suggest corrections to each mistake to improve the quality of the below mail.

Task C:

You are working in a company as an engineer. Write an email to your boss convincing him to give you promotion this year. In your email, you should clearly write why you deserve the promotion and if you are promoted how your new position will be beneficial for you and your company.

E-mail parts (Subject, salutation, date, closing, email signature, etc.)

Body: clearly describe why you deserve the promotion and also how your promotion is good for you and your company keeping in view the e-mail writing etiquette such as tone and level of formality etc.

** Word limit for Task C: 100 – 150 Words.

** The email picture will be attached.

** Total word count must not exceed 1000 words.

** At least 2 In-text citation for each part in the questions.

** In-text Citation and References Using CU Harvard Style.

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