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(LATE ASSIGNMENT) Interview Checklist and Comments

Please see attachment and provide check marks and COMMENTS. Don’t just check boxes, but please give comments as if you were interviewing me and were giving me positive feedback.Learning Plan 3AssignmentsLP3 Assignment: Mock InterviewVisit the Quintessential Careers Blog website for a helpful tutorial that offers tips on the informational interviewing process.For this assignment you will conduct a mock interview with a professional. The mock interview is often overlooked in the interview process. One of the best ways to improve your interview skills is practice. You can go to many interviews to get this practice, and you can also set up your own mock interview. Mock interviews are beneficial for several reasons. They allow you to increase your confidence as well as requiring preparation, execution, and follow-up. Mock interviews provide you with the perfect setting to convey your skills in a controlled setting.Schedule a mock interview with someone who will ask you interview questions and provide you with helpful feedback. It is recommended to use someone who does this as part of his or her job or someone in HR. By selecting someone in the hiring capacity to conduct the mock interview, the feedback you receive should be constructive and helpful.Use the Interview Checklist (Chapter 7, Figure 7.3) for the mock interview. Have the interviewer (not you) fill out the checklist. It is helpful if they give you specific comments, not just checkmarks or points. Consider video taping the mock interview so you can go back and see exactly where and how you want to improve.Submit the completed Interview Checklist and any notes given to you by your interviewer to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3 Assignment: Mock Interview.” This assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.

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