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Lipids Please note, examples and comments that describe acceptable and unacceptable answers provided in the previous section (CHO) are applicable to this section (lipids) and each moving forward.Please go back and review those examples and comments before proceeding. Refer to your reports (from part 2, food groups and calories, and nutrients) to answer the following: 1. Complete the following table and answer the questions below (6 points) Nutrient/food group Your intake Target intake Status Total fat (% Calories) Saturated fat Linoleic acid NO recommendation for these α linolenic acid Cholesterol a. Are you meeting the recommended intake for the oils food group? If not, provide specific examples to increase or decrease your intake to meet the guidelines. Include: how much (1 tsp), when (e.g. lunch) and how (e.g. added to a salad) b. Why is it important to follow the recommendations for the oils food group? What specific types of fatty acids are present in oils that are relevant for our health? Justify your answer. Refer to your 3-day food log (from part 1) to answer the following: 2. Identify and list food sources in your diet for the following nutrients: (6 points) a. Saturated fat. Additionally, if needed (per your answer to Q1), suggest ways to reduce the saturated fats in your diet. b. Mono- and polyunsaturated fat c. Trans fat or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Suggest ways to reduce the trans fats in your diet. As always, be specific with your answers! 5 NOTE: If you do not find any source in your diet to answer questions a, b or c, you still need to provide an example for each of them.

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