Academic writing is challenging because the writer must communicate compellingly while maintaining a steady focus on the argumentrationale.  In the social sciences, there is an additional requirement to provide your argument and provide the weaknesses in, and alternatives to your argument. This multi-position approach is contrary to how we generally interact with the world. The literature review’s goal is to develop an argument for examining the proposed research problem, so the description of the literature should not only describe what has been studied but also support the need for additional study.INSTRUCTIONSTurn in the best-written 2 pages of a Literature Review to date.These 2 pages must represent your best writing.Your best writing includes:• No direct quotes• Complete and descriptive sentences• Integrated to beautifully organized and written paragraphs• Logical transitions from one paragraph to another.• You should make use of APA style*****TOPIC IS GENDER INEQUALITY****DUE JUNE 5TH 2021

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