man 332 class

Due by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. (MT) end of Week 1 (120 pts)Base your written assessment on the following scenario:Your company is thinking about beginning a benchmarking program in human resource management.  Use the Internet to locate data and articles about benchmarking human resource management.  Prepare at least a one page report to your manager summarizing what you learned about the advantages and disadvantages of benchmarking, how to select comparison organizations, and whether you should obtain the services of any of the benchmarking organizations or consultants you encounter on the Web.How might the concept of benchmarking be altered for use in your personal job search?Could benchmarking also work in the creation of goals and performance measurements in your current position?Submission (paper) must be a minimum of 750-words and two references with substantive answers to all questions and analysis that incorporates the text material and your own ideas.

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