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Managed Care in Saudi Arabia

Managed Care in Saudi ArabiaManaged care does exist in Saudi Arabia, but is not as prevalent as in other countries. Review Alomi, Y. A., Alghamdi, S. J., & Alattyh, R. A. (2017). Saudi Managed Care Pharmacy (SMCP): New initiative system of MOH prescriptions dispensed through community pharmacies. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine, 3(3), 145-53. Retrieved from http://www.jppcm.org/sites/default/files/10.5530jppcm.2017.3.31.pdfSubmit a paper analyzing the managed care use of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia. Be sure to include the following items:The goals of the program;Benefits & disadvantages of managed care pharmacy;How this program compares to other managed care programs;Impact of managed healthcare pharmacy on patients, physicians, pharmacists and facilities; andImprovements that are needed for this program to accomplish its goals.Your paper should meet the following structural requirements:The paper should be 6-7 pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page.Formatted according to APA writing standards.Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles.

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