Management Policy unit 6

Case Study Analysis PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation:Prepare a case study analysis, Case 7, The Apollo Group, Inc. (University of Phoenix) (PDF).Closely follow the Template by clicking on the hyperlink. Please utilize this template to help you complete this Assignment.Use titles and subtitles per slide for each guidelines element. Focus upon the idea of the company’s multi-business strategy through analysis that will help move The Apollo Group forward. Please include the SWOT analysis with the four quadrants on the SWOT Diagram slide. You can find the SWOT analysis template in Doc Sharing.A basic PowerPoint template for this Assignment can also be found in Doc Sharing. (MT460_Unit_Six_PPT_Assignment_Template.pptx). For extra help on using this template, watch the Assignment walkthrough by clicking on the Presentation icon.For general PowerPoint tutorials, click on the Tutorial icon.

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