marketing research assignment

i’m attaching an article. Read the article carefully and answer the questions in the separate word file called Review. The answers should be ALL in ONE PAGE. These questions focus on (a) major research questions, (b) major findings, and (c) implications for marketing. These papers may include the technical/quantitative methodology sections, but don’t let these parts change your focus: the basic contribution of the paper to marketing knowledge. The paper review should clearly reference the article and be in your own words and interpretation.

This one-page review should be single-spaced, using font size 11, with 1-inch margins (2.54cm) on all sides.

this is the main question

Data privacy sensitivity: What factors do affect individuals’ data privacy and data sharing online? What benefits would convince people to share their data online and be less sensitive to data sharing?

How to answer questions:

Research questions:

Explain the main research question(s). This is the purpose of the study. If the authors have proposed and/or tested hypotheses, summarize the proposed hypotheses.

Methodology used:

Explain the research methodology used (in your opinion, is it qualitative, observational, descriptive, exploratory, survey, experimental etc.). If the authors have collected data, indicate the number of studies and the sample size of each study.


Briefly summarize their findings. If the authors have proposed hypotheses, indicate the support for each hypothesis.

Theoretical and Managerial Implications:

Briefly explain the implications of this article. How does it help marketing managers or consumers or government / regulatory agencies?

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