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MGMT445 Unit 5 IP

Your company has determined that the time is right to expand globally. As a corporate manager within the organization, you have been assigned to identify and select a team of five to ten members from within the organization to explore and identify two to three managerial challenges associated with global expansion. You have been given three months to assemble your team and create a PowerPoint presentation outlining your findings to the leadership team.As the team leader, you realize you will need to identify how to successfully complete the assignment. Assuming you have completed the process of selecting your team, what are your next steps? Include in your strategy the following:Analyze two to three team performance challenges that may arise and what corrective action you may employ to keep the project on track.Discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of expanding globally from a leadership perspective.Examine two management theories and discuss how each theory impacts managerial decisions from a global perspective.APA formatting is required or style specified in assignment3-5pg

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