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Module Eight ePortfolio Activity Guidelines and Rubric

OverviewThroughout your BA Psychology program experience, you have acquired an abundance of knowledge and perspective on your personal, social, and professional identities. Your ePortfolio is a collection of your learning, and it reflects your multifaceted identity.PromptFor this two-part assignment, you will first update the welcome message on your ePortfolio’s Welcome page by creating an introductory paragraph. Your new paragraph will outline the following information in 3 to 5 sentences:Describe how you can apply psychological knowledge to enhance performance in the workplace.Describe how you have applied aspects of your learning experience in psychology to develop a professional mindset.Describe how your change orientation promotes an ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world.Next, using the SNHU Career module to assist you, you will create your professional resume. Elements of your resume should include the following:Contact informationProfessional profileEducationExperience/skillsAll sources and ideas requiring attribution must be cited according to APA style.Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit the link to your completed Module Eight ePortfolio assignment in a Word document. Make sure that your professional resume is linked to the Welcome page of your ePortfolio. Your resume must be in PDF format.

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