Multicultural Counseling Assignment 3

Write a 3-5 page essay reflecting on the following:1. Think about the Black model of racial identity development. What difficulties might you face in working with a client at each stage of the process?Stage 1: ConformityStage 2: DissonanceStage 3: Resistance and ImmersionStage 4: IntrospectionStage 5: Integrative Awareness2. What are the drawbacks of a person of color holding self- and group-depreciating attitudes in the Conformity stage?3. Why do you think there has been so little research conducted on the racial identity of helping professionals?Must be in APA format. Use 2 to 3 scholarly resources. The coursebook is Counseling the Culturally Diverse by Derald Wing Sue and David Sue 7th edition. RUBRIC IS ATTACHED!!!

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