Nature or Nurture

This essay is based on material in chapters 9, Biological Foundations. Please read that chapter before submitting this essay.What nonshared family environments (environments that you were exposed to that no one else in your family was exposed to) shaped your personality?  In what ways did your inherited traits or qualities affect how others treated you?  In what ways did these traits or qualities influence your selection of situations (e.g., did you have physical competencies that caused you to join or steer clear of sports leagues?).  In what ways did these traits or qualities affect your selection of peer groups?  In turn, how did these environments shape who you are now?1) Type your 300 word (minimum) essay in a Word processing program. S ince this essay is based on your own personal experience, no outside sources are required or expected. But should you use outside sources, cite them appropriately at the end of your essay.Essays will be checked for plagiarism.

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