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Need help with 7 questions in business law

9) The selling of goods or services to a country the United States is at war with is prohibited:

a. by the U. S. Constitution

b. by a federal statute passed by Congress

c. by treaty

d. by executive order 

15) Which of the following is true with regard to the appellate process?

a. Very important cases are usually initially tried in the U.S. Supreme Court.

b. When a case is appealed, the appellate court usually holds a new trial.

c. In the federal court system, there are usually two levels of appeal by right.

d. The U.S. Supreme Court chooses to review only a small fraction of those cases that it is

asked to review.

e. The vote of only one justice is needed for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case. 

34) Substantive due process requires that:

a. a notice and hearing be given before one is deprived of life, liberty, or property

b. a criminal defendant has an attorney present at all times

c. res ipsa loquitur takes place

d. a law is sufficiently clear that a reasonable person can understand it in order to comply

with it

e. a defendant not be tried twice for the same crime 

40) Cindy was riding her bicycle on a paved bike path and had an accident with another cyclist.

Cindy’s $1,000 bicycle was destroyed in the accident. If the jury determined that Cindy was 60

percent at fault and the other cyclist 40 percent at fault, under which doctrines would Cindy be

entitled to recover $400 from the other cyclist?

a. contributory negligence only

b. pure comparative negligence only

c. partial comparative negligence only

d. either form of comparative negligence, but not contributory negligence

e. either form of comparative negligence as well as under contributory negligence

55) Which of the following is true about crimes?

a. Criminal liability exists only if there is a victim who suffered damages.

b. A criminal defendant will be found guilty whenever the jury believes it is more likely

than not that the defendant committed the crime.

c. Torts always accompany crimes, although the civil case is often not brought.

d. Criminal law is based on the conduct or activities of the defendant, rather than on

resultant harm. 

77) Sally and Jeff are both minors. Sally buys Jeff’s motorcycle for $1,000, its reasonable value.

Jeff spends $700 of this money. Later, Sally wrecks the motorcycle and it is a total loss. Sally

wants her money back. Which of the following best describes this situation?

a. Because Sally and Jeff are both minors, the contract is valid and fully enforceable.

b. If Sally voids the contract, she must give Jeff back the wrecked motorcycle and


c. If Sally voids the contract, she must give Jeff only the wrecked motorcycle.

d. The court will determine the relative sophistication of Jeff and Sally, and the one with

the lesser sophistication will be allowed to void the contract.

e. If Sally voids the contract, Jeff must return to her the entire $1,000. 

78) At age 16, Phil bought a car from Acme Auto Co. for $2,500. Phil drove the car for about six

months, and then he had an accident. The damage to the auto was $1,500. In addition, the value

of the auto before the accident was only $2,000. The accident was not Phil’s fault. Phil wishes to

disaffirm the contract. Which of the following best describes this situation?

a. Because the car was damaged, Phil cannot disaffirm the contract.

b. Phil can disaffirm the contract, but he can recover only $500 of his money.

c. Phil can disaffirm the contract, but he can recover only $2,000 of his money.

d. Phil can disaffirm the contract and recover the entire $2,500.

e. Phil can disaffirm the contract, but he must first have the car repaired. 

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