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This essay is the next opportunity to prepare a section of your research paper, and it focuses on personality traits. For this section, examine the leader’s personality traits by drafting a 600-word essay. Apply the big five model of personality trait to (Malcolm X), identifying which dimensions are strengths and which may be areas of weakness for him or her. Also, apply the leader motive profile theory to examine this leader’s personality profile. (Discuss only the personality traits and the personality profile in this section; leadership behaviors will be the focus in Unit III.)Use at least two library sources to explain the personality traits and personality profile you identified for this leader. The sources may provide information specifically about the leader you selected and his/her personality traits, or the sources may be about specific leadership traits, though not necessarily about the particular leader you selected. These sources will support your assertions as you write about personality traits and the personality profile. Remember to include the appropriate in-text citations and reference citations in APA Style.

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