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Submit questions and answers, not just your answers.Part AIs the ability to communicate more important to the successful performance of a supervisor than to the successful performance of a company president? Defend your answer.Identify the types of technology used primarily in internal – and external-operational communication to transmit messages. Explain what you think might account for the difference.Megan Cabot is one of 12 workers in Department X. She has strong leadership qualities, and all her co-workers look up to her. She dominates conversations with them and expresses strong viewpoints on most matters. Although she is a good worker, her dominating personality has caused problems for you, the new manager of Department X. Today you directed you subordinates to change a certain work procedure. The change is one that has proven superior wherever it has been tried. Soon after giving the directive, you noticed the workers talking in a group, with Megan the obvious leader. In a few minutes she appeared in your office. “We’ve thought it over,” she said. “Your production change won’t work.” Explain what is happening. How will you handle the situation?Times are hard for RoboSolutions, a small local company that creates assembly-line robotics. Lately, the clients have been few and far between. But today the sales staff got encouraging news: James Pritchett, president of a nearby tool and die company, has inquired about the possibility of your company’s designing a series of computer-run robots for key processes in the plant. There’s a hitch, though: it’s Sarah McCann’s turn to try to snare his business (and the commission) – and Pritchett is known to prefer dealing with men. Do you, as president, send Sarah anyway, or do you send in one of your male sales people to get Pritchett’s business, giving Sarah a shot at the next potential client? How would you solve this communication – and ethics – problem?Part BBelow is a list of different business situations that might involve different methods of communication. Choose an appropriate medium and method of communication as well as who might need to be part of the communication and explain the possible problems that might arise in ensuring the communication is delivered successfully.Notification of the intention to increase bonus payments for all full time staffAn announcement of the news that the accounts manager is expecting her first child in 7 months’ timeRumors have been circulating that a member of the administration staff has been seen in a gay club in the town.Plans are being discussed to introduce a new appraisal system for all staff within the next 18 monthsThe Technical Support Unit have recommended that all computers move to a Unix platform from the current Windows platformA minute’s silence at the firm is to be held in memory of the victims of a natural disaster.A meeting is being held to celebrate the retirement of a member of the firm who has been with the company for 30 years.

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