Need management help for answer about a violation of the EPA (Please answer each question with a minimum of 350 word count.)


1. Is this a violation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)? What about Title VII violation? If you cannot take a position on the allegations, stipulate what specific additional information you need to reach a conclusion.

2. Conduct a Web search to determine whether you can find pay data that are relevant to the claims in the letter. The legal implications aside, what should Dr. Boseman do?

3. Does Ms. Kate have a case?

Critical Thinking Application 10-B.pdf

Read 5.pdf

*Note: Please answer each question with a minimum of 350 word count. Total word count should be 1050, not to include the reference page. Please use APA format with in-text citation and reference page, minimum of three references required.

Read attachment Critical Thinking Application 10-B in order to answer question. Read 5 attachment is used for references if needed.





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