Obamacare Research

Conduct research on the current medical plan “Obamacare” that Democratic Nominee Joe Biden is using for his 2020 Presidential Nominee Campaign. Make sure you research the most recent & updated medical plan that Joe Biden wants to use. Do not talk about the old Obamacare plan that President Obama used.

Section A: Give a detailed description of it.

Section B: How does it benefit the citizens of the United States of America? (2 Paragraphs)

Section C: How does it benefit other people in the United States who are not citizens.

Section D: What is the coverage?

Section E: What is the cost of it?

Section F: Would you want this coverage for you and your family? Answer it honestly based on the research you conducted.

Section G: Cite all of the Facts

Answer each section in 4-Sentence paragraph format. (4-Sentence paragraph format means to ONLY write 4-Sentences in each paragraph and each sentence in every paragraph has to be between 15-20 words.) Make sure you research each section thoroughly and answer it with correct information and be sure to use correct grammar and punctuation.

Also on a separate word document, give a 250 word summary that is explaining everything from the assignment and the whole medical plan that Joe Biden plans to enforce if he is elected President of the United States.

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