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For this forum:Think about what you already knew, and what new information you learned in this module.Rewatch: components of Ecological Theory and think about(Links to an external site.)Identify what more you need to discover in this area on your path to become an accomplished teacher.Reflect about Dr. Carter’s interviews, observations, and sociological survey research in high schools.Analyze Dr. Carter’s stated results “diversity is not enough to get to integration; diversity is about demographic change; integration is about cultural and organizational change.” She further stated that “we can make progress through our educational institutions…and shift the tides of social and educational inequality if we provide ample resources and opportunities…cultivate cultural flexible minds…and we come with empathic hearts.” What interviews, observations, and data supported the obstacles/barriers Dr. Carter’s findings? What may those resources and opportunities be?Examine your own experiences (resources/opportunities/obstacles/barriers) as it relates to Dr. Carter’s discussion/talk.Post one quote (from Dr. Carter) on the discussion board and explain its importance to your experiences.

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