Pace Institute Globalization and Outsourcing Presentation

Outsourcing is a supply major part of supply chain management. There are different types of outsourcing but the layman understanding of outsourcing is taking away jobs from America to foreign countries. Some employees believe that outsourcing is one way of shifting jobs abroad mostly to countries like India and China where labor costs are relatively cheaper. This belief overshows some of the important benefits of outsourcing and has been a major cause of conflict in the labor market. There are some underlying benefits to outsourcing that may in fact help the American labor force.

Review the slides on outsourcing and conduct your research on the topic. Discuss how outsourcing may actually be beneficial to the American economy.

At the end of the discussion forum, identify a hypothetical company and develop a supply chain management plan that will utilize different approaches of outsourcing.

Discuss how you can get your stakeholders especially the immediate community of the company to buy into the outsourcing program.

This report should not exceed three pages and should cite supporting literature.

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