Paula Hog Only

An organization’s culture can be a debilitating impediment to the development and implementation of its strategic plan. Consider the role of organizational culture as described by Mindy Grossman in the video, “HSNi’s Mindy Grossman: Agile is the New Smart.”  What is HR’s role in ensuring creation and sustainability of the type of climate that CEO Grossman is speaking of within her organization?Forbes. (2014, February 10). HSNi’s Mindy Grossman: Agile is the new smart [Video file]. Retrieved from least 250 word count each discussionFirst questions needs atleast  one scholary sourceGiven the rate of technological change and global market pressures, there is considerable change and uncertainty in many organizations.  Organizational value is determined more by knowledge (intellectual capital) rather than the traditional factors of productions (land, labor and capital).  Review the concept of knowledge management and how human resources can create the conditions for the effective sharing of knowledge within and throughout the organization.Both due Thursday May 12, 2016

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