Pick 2 scenario

Need it done ASAP in one hour Scenario A1. Should parents be allowed to test embryos for intelligence? Why or why not? Is it acceptable for a company to sell a test that says it can help parentschoose a smart child? Explain. 2. If you were the parent, how would you define intelligence? Is there only one way to be intelligent? Is it better to be good at math rather than writing, for example? Does having certain abilities make you smarter than having others? Think about a famous artist, such as Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo; if you gave them a chemistry test, do you think they would still appear to be brilliant? Explain.3.  Are you being fair to the oldest child? How would you feel if you were the older child, and your parent thinks you are not as smart as your younger sibling? How would you feel if your parent had lower expectations for you?  Is this fair to the second child?  Scenario B1. What would you do as a parent if you were in this situation? Why? 2. How would you explain to both children the role that the younger sibling played in the life of the first child? How could this impact how each child sees his or her role in the family? 3. Discuss the ethical implications of choosing an embryo that will become a child who is a perfect match for an older sibling? Do you think it is ethical to let a child die without doing everything possible to save him or her? Explain. Scenario C1. Do you think it is ethical to test embryos to find a match for a sick sibling? Why or why not? 2. How would you vote if you were in Congress: allow this use of PGD to continue or ban it? Why? 3. Currently, there are no federal laws in the United States governing how this technology should be used. Do you think there should be? Are there other options besides banning PGD or leaving PGD unregulated? What might be a compromise solution?  Scenario D1. If you were the parent, would you choose the embryo(s) that would develop into a child who would likely be deaf? Why? What factors would you consider as you make your decision?2. There are debates about whether PGD should be used to select for traits traditionally considered a disability. Who do you think should decide how PGD is used: parents, doctors, lawmakers, religious leaders or others? Scenario E1. If you knew that you carried a mutation in the Huntington gene but wanted to have children, what are your options? What do you think you would do in this situation?2. What do you see as the biggest benefits and risks in using this technology?Instructions: Your initial post over the material outlined above should be at least 300 words

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