please answer these 3 question with details and answer every part of it. thank you

Assignment # 7

Research one effective non-profit marketing campaign. Explain why it interests you as a customer. Be sure to understand the difference between a “campaign” and an “organization” before doing your research.

Assignment #8

Sales is a vital part of marketing, and it technically is subset of the promotion “P” of the 4Ps. which is Price, Product, Promotion, and Place.

Tell me about a time that you had a good sales experience and about a time that you had a negative sales experience. What was the difference? Explain why one experience was positive and why one was negative. How do you want to be treated by sales people? Why?

Assignment # 5

For ONE major consumer segmentation variable, find an example of a print ad that appears to be based on that variable. For this ONE ad, identify the target market and explain why you think the advertiser is using the segmentation variable you identified. Include a link to or copy of the advertisement in the document.

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