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please support a current agency position and how current law or regulation should be changed in regards to food law?

Write a 3 page paper on specific food topic in food law and write a policy paper in support of a current agency position or advocate why and how a specific current law or regulation should be changed to promote either food safety or trade.

This can involve relevant issue under FDA, USDA, EPA, or FTC. Also, you can chose an issue associated with state law or conflicts of law (e.g. federal vs state, US and a trading partner)

The paper must have a title, define a problem. Definition means explicitly state the statue, regulation or guidance with an appropriate citation, and why the current statue, regulation or guidance is problematic.

For example, you can discuss a specific provision in FSMA or the proposed or final rules resulting from it, nutritional labeling, GMO labeling(currently a state law issue with Vermont, Connecticut and others) provisions of the EPA on pesticide regulation or environmental contamination and possible inconsistencies in the EPA and FDA. Non-tariff barriers to trade created by sanitary- standards, conflicts between federal and state law involving food trade provide a broad range of other possible topics. Please focus on an issue that could impact public health or trade. The context of the problem is how the current legal negatively impacts public health or trade.

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