Power Pont Presentation fo Marketing

Begin by posting a draft of the first few slides of your Final Project II Guidelines and Rubric in the discussion forum for peer review. Please include slides A, B, and D.

I only need slides A, B and D. The ones in Bold are the only ones needed. I will provide the finished milestones.

Slide 1


Slide 2

Overview of the brand and marketing campaign

Milestone I

Slide 3

Overview of the evaluation your conducted of the brand’s digital strategies

Milestone II

Slide 4-7

Describe the digital campaigns (social media, online, and mobile) you are proposing the brand should create

Milestone II

Slide 8

Overview of the marketing research used to inform your prosed digital campaigns

Milestone II

Slide 9

Overview of legal and ethical concerns that must be addressed prior to launching your campaign

Final Project I

Slide 10


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