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Practice 4.1

Flag question: Question 1 Question 1 1 ptsIf the Sun were suddenly moved 5 times further away. How many times fainter would it be?Flag question: Question 2 Question 2 1 ptsIf the distance to a star was suddenly cut in half, how many times brighter would the star appear?Flag question: Question 3 Question 3 1 ptsTwo stars appear the same brightness in the sky, but Star A is three times farther away than Star B. How many times more energy is Star A giving off than Star B?Flag question: Question 4 Question 4 1 ptsIf the Sun was moved farther away and suddenly appeared 4 times fainter in the sky, how many times further away would it be?Flag question: Question 5 Question 5 1 ptsTwo stars in the sky give off the same amount of total energy, but Star A appears 121 times fainter in our night sky than Star B. How many times farther away is Star A than Star B?

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