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For our discussion board this week, I would like each one of you to introduce yourself to me and to your classmates. Please tell us about your nursing journey, your place of employment, your job, your short- and long-term goals, and what specifically you plan to do with your FNP degree. I’m looking forward to knowing you better. Thank you.With the above requirements please help me to develop a good introduction to my teacher and classmates.I was born in Cuba where I got a title as Physician 1993I got my degree on BSN in august 2018, then I pass NCLEX beginning of 2019 and started MSN April of 2019Currently I own  a Med Spa located in lake worth, FL and Im a Realstate agent also for the state of florida.with FNP I want to help patients to leave a better and healthy life and also work in a field that I always loveGoals short time is reach good grading on this of course and learn about farmacology and Role of the Nurse Practitioner and the use of most frequently precribed medicationsGoals long time is continue with my education improving skills  and  get a stable job and get FNU degree

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