Presentation regarding a reading.

Please see attached files for sample work and reading.You can simply follow these steps:Read the whole chapter first, take notes of what you understand from it.Take details note of lecture.What key arguments does the author(s) and lecture present? What are similarities and contradictions?Pay attention to the examples shown in class. What other similar example/case study you can think of? Bring them to tutorial.Your post should contain:You should spend some time finding appropriate examples, Embed if possible or link to them on the Canvas wiki pageHow can you relate/associate your examples to the reading, lecture and screening?While you present and discuss your examples, let us know what you agree with, what you disagree with, what challenges you? What stimulates you?You can engage 2-3 short questions or any other method to engage others with your tutorial.You may also leave a big question at the end for group discussion.Marking criteria for Discussion Leaders:Posted Examples:Relevant course readings and lectures andLeaders should be able to make connections to the reading/lecture material.Contribution to the discussion:What is your own research (use of external readings or finding relevant examples)?What are your own observations and analysis of the examples you offer?Questions:Post and ask questions that are critical and engaging.Leaders should stimulate discussion.

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