Assistance with article critique?Due: 1/21/22Two paragraphsMake sure it’s a   quantitative studyChoose ONE article from the following list:Bourgeois, M. S., & Mason, L. A. (2019). Memory wallet intervention in an adult day care setting. Behavioral Interventions: Theory & Practice in Residential & Community‐Based Clinical Programs, 11(1), Boer, B., Hamers, J. P., Zwakhalen, S. M., Tan, F. E., & Verbeek, H. (2017). Quality of care and quality of life of people with dementia living at green care farms: a cross-sectional study. BMC geriatrics, 17(1), Bruin, S. R., Buist, Y., Hassink, J., & Vaandrager, L. (2021). ‘I want to make myself useful’: the value of nature-based adult day services in urban areas for people with dementia and their family carers. Ageing & Society, 41(3), 582-604.Ellen, M. E., Demaio, P., Lange, A., & Wilson, M. G. (2017). Adult day center programs and their associated outcomes on clients, caregivers, and the health system: A scoping review. The Gerontologist, 57(6), e85-e94.

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