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principle of management Management/Leadership PPT

Management/Leadership PPTSelect and read the mass market book of your choice on the subject of management and/or leadership. The book may be one from the suggested reading list for this course (Principles of Management Reading List.doc) or another book of your choice. If you choose a book that is not on the reading list, e-mail the title and author as soon as you have made your selection to ensure it is appropriate and acceptable for this assignment.Prepare a PowerPoint presentation about the lessons you have learned from reading the book. The lessons included in your presentation should be things that stick out in your mind after you have finished reading the book. Your presentation should:be 10 – 20 slides long (not including the title slide).include notes (your notes should include any information you would like to have available if you were giving this presentation and your mind went blank).be professional-looking (use the design feature to select an appropriate background and fonts). It should not be a simple black & white presentation.not be a simple regurgitation of the book (this is not a book report).In addition to submitting your presentation here for grading, students will post their presentations to a discussion board for class review and comment. Be prepared to answer questions about the book you read and the lessons you have learned.

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