Prompt Interpersonal Com

Introduction:This writing assignment allows you to apply readings, videos, and classroom discussions to your own life, which, for this class, is essential. Communication in theory is important, but applied communication can help you make real changes for yourself and those around you.Prompt:Watch Amy Cuddy’s (2012) video on nonverbal communication, and then tell what you think are the most important lessons about nonverbal communication fromAmy Cuddy’s video, theother videos in the module, AND theWood (2020) textbook. How will you apply them to your own life?*Write a short paper, with the following elements:1. A clear introduction paragraph that grabs the readers’ attention, states your thesis statement (main idea), and previews the points you will use to support your thesis.2. Body paragraph(s). Write one paragraph for each supporting point, or one single paragraph that addresses each of the supporting points.3. A conclusion paragraph that re-addresses your thesis, summarizes your supporting points, and ties it all together with a final thought.Format your essay with the following requirements:- This writing assignment should use 300 – 350 words. Video

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