Prosecuting Argument Paper *(group assignment, I just need help with one part of the paper)

State v. Stu Dents document

Discuss the case as if you are part of the prosecuting team in the State v. Stu Dents case. Your team will also prepare for the anticipated defense arguments in the case.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that details the team’s argument to include:

Prosecutor arguments:

  • List the elements of each crime and facts that establish each element.
  • Define types of homicide and corpus delicti. How is this related to the case?
  • Provide a specific law for each charge. List the state where the law is effective. Each team member’s state needs to be represented.
  • Include the state where your case would be the strongest

Defense arguments:

  • Does your team feel this defendant is competent to stand trial? Why or why not?
  • *******Distinguish between competency to stand trial and an insanity defense***** (My part of the assignment)
  • What is required in your state for an insanity defense?
  • What steps must be taken to prove insanity?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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