PSC495 Ashford University Change Management Questions

Question 1:

Using what you have learned in the Topic Materials, discuss what you believe to be the most important aspect of change management. Provide specific examples to justify your opinion and illustrate your ideas. Just 100 word minimum response with source cited.

Here are the Topic Materials:

Read “Change Management Requires Leadership Clarity and Alignment,” by Llopis (2014), located on the Forbes website.

Read “How to Get Real Buy-In for Your Idea,” by Hedges (2015), located on the Forbes website.

Read “10 Principles of Leading Change Management,” by Aguirre and Alpern (2014), located on the Strategy + Business website.

Question 2: minimum 100 word response with sources cited if used.

Explain why it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed solutions using both qualitative and quantitative data. Justify your opinion with specific reasons and examples.

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