PUAD625 UBALT Implementation Plan For An Innovation In A New Place


This assignment lets you earn the process credit for selecting a case for your implementation plan. Please be advised that the implementation plan will have you adapt an innovation in a new place (jurisdiction, organization, field). So adaptability is key. A little advice. That means the most exciting or intriguing innovation narrative won’t make for the most adaptable approach.

Here’s an example. Steve Jobs is here. So here’s what the story of the iPhone boils down to. Find a visionary who’s willing to drive a team heartlessly and give him or her access to a billion dollars. And the billion dollars didn’t come from his previous visionary attempts but from other people’s: Steve Wozniak (Apple II) and John Lasseter and Ed Catmull (“Toy Story” and other Pixar animated movies). The first Mac that preceded him leaving Apple (being run out of Apple) wasn’t a functional computer. It’s only when he returned to Apple with his Pixar billions (remember, he never made a movie, just financed them) that Apple began churning out the innovative products that we all know.

I’d also steer you away from the most boring innovation account (mine). I’ll be flattered, of course, if you decide to use my story of e-filing in the U.S. Courts. But not so flattered that it’s worth you spending 3 weeks of your life working on something you couldn’t care less about. Pick a different topic. For instance, take a look at the one that’s in the same book: Chelsea (Mass.) CONNECT.

Okay, enough preliminaries. All you have to do is make a case selection and analyze it in 3 separate stages.Write after—action report —3 to 4 pages, double-spaced that examines the obstacles encountered by innovators/innovating organizations and the tactics/solutions for overcoming the obstacles. Apply the analysis of obstacles and tactics/solutions to the case.

Case 6: Baltimore CitiStat (attached and link below)


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