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Purdue Global University Nike Strategy Concepts

Business Strategy Concepts

For this assignment, select a Fortune 500 company; this should be both a different industry and different company from the one you used in the Unit 3 and Unit 6 assignments. You have the option of selecting from the Fortune USA 500 or the Fortune Global 500. Links for both are provided in the Resources.

Learner option: A company can also be selected from the Fortune Global 500 companies, who are ranked by revenues and are traded on USA and other stock exchanges in the world.

Use the pre-formatted Unit 9 APA Assignment Template to complete this assignment. The following headings will be included:

  • Introduction: Purpose of the paper.
  • Theory: Recap the key points of theories covered in the assigned readings of Porter (1996), Collis and Rukstad (2008), and Alstyne, Parker, and Choudary (2016).
  • Theory Comparisons: Compare and contrast theories within the three groups. One of the best ways for comparisons is to create a table to compare the main points of each article.
  • Fortune 500 Case Study Company Application:
    • Define how the organization is organized.
    • You have the option of evaluating the entire company or select a single business unit.
    • Steps in the evaluation, either for the entire business or a single business unit:
      1. Identify the overall growth strategy of the company by:
        • Apply the criteria from the Porter (1996) article.
        • Apply the criteria from the Collis and Rukstad (2008) article.
      2. Analyze the overall competitive environment, including market conditions.
        • Apply the criteria from the Alstyne, Parker, and Choudary (2016) article.
      3. What is the organization’s degree of success? What are its prospects for the future?
      4. Analyze where and how ethics and sustainability affect the organization’s growth strategy.
    • Learner Option for this section. Remember that this is not required; faculty feedback will be given, but no extra credit will be issued.
      • What are the implications of strategic tools from Cheng and Havenvid (2017) article? Review this peer-reviewed journal article and highlight some of the key findings.
      • How might some of these strategic tools be used by the senior management team for the selected Fortune 500 company?
  • Conclusion: What conclusions can be drawn from the theories presented and the evidence applied to your case study organization?

Additional Requirements

Your submitted paper must meet the following requirements:

  • Correlate your responses to the assigned articles and new references cited using current APA guidelines.
  • Use a minimum of three references on your selected Fortune 500 case study company:
    • MarketLine Report, from Business Source Complete.
    • SEC 10k, from LexisNexis Academic.
    • One Wall Street Journal article, using your Capella learner subscription.
  • Contain a minimum of 1800 words.
  • Follow current APA guidelines for style and format, including a cover page and headings.
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