Quality Research

Health care professionals must be able to review and evaluate the use of evidence in health care quality literature. This involves critical thinking skills and discernment, as well as a sound knowledge of the characteristics of quality measurement.To prepare for this Discussion:Identify one of the six dimensions of quality (safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, or equity) that you would like to focus on for this Discussion.Conduct research.  You may use any credible resource for your research. The following are a few examples of journals that you may wish to include in your search: The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, and the Journal of Nursing Care Quality (use these please). The article you select must have a robust discussion of quality research to meet the requirements of this Discussion.Evaluate the use of evidence in this article. Consider the various criteria identified in this week’s Learning Resources (e.g, the reliability and validity of data, proper experimental design, accurate statistical analysis).Identify the article you have selected in the first line of your posting and note the related quality dimension(s).Briefly summarize the article.Evaluate the use of evidence in this article. Explain the ease or difficulty you experienced in assessing the evidence as a result of the information provided in the article. Share your analysis of the necessary characteristics of quality measurement.Share quality-related questions or insights you have gained from reading this article.

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